About Elite Jewelers

Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Sam Hennawy, the founder of Elite Jewelers. I designed my first piece of jewelry at the age of 15 and established my first store in a small town in Tennessee, in 1995, right after I graduated from law school. If you’re wondering why I chose fine jewelry over practicing law, just take a look at the magnificent jewels in the cases of my four stores and you’ll see the passion that I have for this business.

After opening stores in Tennessee, Virginia and Texas, I decided that Virginia would be our home. We now have Elite Jewelers in Dulles Town Center in Sterling, VA; Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, VA; Manassas Mall, in Manassas VA; and Spotsylvania Mall in Fredericksburg, VA and just in time for opening our new location at Potomac Mills Mall in Woodbridge,VA with Holiday season coming, and we couldn't be more thrilled.

With five convenient locations, Elite Jewelers brings you high-quality designs and brand names for affordable prices. We carry fine qualities of GIA certified diamonds, colored precious stones, a huge selection of fancy diamond necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pearls.

We also specialize in 18-karat gold and platinum Italian handmade engagement and wedding rings. We also feature fine name-brand watches, such as Movado, Citizen and Bulova. We also carry some pre-owned Rolex's.

If you have a ring or a necklace in mind (even if you have a picture of it, or can draw it) WE CAN MAKE IT. We can custom-make any piece of jewelry. Also, we have been named by National Jeweler magazine as one of the Top 50 best jewelers in the specialty of customized. If you need professional jewelry and watch repair, then you’ve come to the right place.

In conclusion, my crew and we are professional jewelers and deal with customers in a very professional manner in a welcoming, warm atmosphere. We would love to have the opportunity to serve you.

To know more about Elite Jewelers, Please click on the following link: https://youtu.be/4-MJlNoySrw

Merchandise Returns

What is your return policy?

Your complete satisfaction with our product is guaranteed or items may be returned or exchanged within thirty days of receipt with a Return Merchandise Authorization (and it’s only for online purchases). The customer only pays return shipping fees. Please note that to be eligible for return, items must be in their original purchase condition, include all product documentation, and shipped within 30 days.

What cannot be returned within 30 days?

Engraved jewelry items, other than rings, may not be returned. Diamonds purchased as part of our Elite Jewelers Upgrade Program may not be returned for credit. All Elite Jewelers engraved rings may be returned for credit, but the engraving fee will not be refunded. The removal of Elite Jewelers engraving from any exchanged or resized ring is free with no additional engraving fee. Special orders are final sale and are not eligible for return.

Can I process the return online?

Yes, as long as the item was purchased. For an expedited exchange, consider a return for refund and simply place a new order.

Which items cannot be processed online?

All purchased items. customer returns for exchange, resize, repair, or loose diamonds returned for mounting. If any of the above applies, please call us for further assistance.

Can I return an item that was given to me as a gift?

Yes, Elite Jewelers is happy to exchange it for merchandise credit within 90 days of purchase. Place the gift in its original packaging with the receipt (if available) and ship it via UPS (preferred) with our provided shipping label, or a carrier of your choosing. Your refund will be credited to you the same way you paid for it or in the form of Elite Jewelers gift certificate.

Will the buyer of my returned gift know that it was returned?

No, we will not alert the buyer that the gift was returned.

Where do I send returns/exchanges?

Please send them to our mailing address at: 11729L- Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, VA- 22033

I need to cancel my order. How do I?

Contact us on 1-703-591-7979

Am I required to use Elite Jewelers’ return shipping method?

No. You may choose any carrier you prefer, but we highly recommend that you insure the shipment - particularly on items valued at $500 or higher.

Do I pay the return shipping costs?

Yes. We deduct UPS shipping costs from your refund credit on return items under $300. For non-UPS returns you will have to arrange your own shipping and cover any costs.

How should I package my return for shipping?

Set up your return by calling Elite Jewelers, and we'll send you an e-mail that walks you through correct packaging procedures.

Do I have to be available to sign during the time of delivery?

Since our items are of high value, all packages require an adult signature at the time of delivery. We do work with all of our customers with timing to find the best available time for you to have someone available to sign for the package.

Is my online shop secure?

The details provided to Elite Jewelers will not be forwarded to any third parties under any circumstances. All data is subject to rigid data protection regulations.

All details entrusted to Elite Jewelers are solely used to ensure that the company continues to uphold personalized service to make your shopping experience the most convenient possible.
Elite Jewelers uses cookies in order to tailor its products and services to customer wishes. Cookies are very short text blocks that are transferred from the online Shop to your computer. This enables the online shop to recognize your browser and to offer you more personalized service. Cookies can be deactivated at any time in your browser without negatively influencing your purchasing options in the online shop.

Are my personal data safe?

All sensitive data transferred to and from Elite Jewelers online is encrypted using the most modern technology.
For security reasons, Elite Jewelers does not save credit card information. The data is immediately passed for payment processing, which uses your data solely for the purpose of processing payments.

If you believe that someone has tried to misuse your credit card, please follow the instructions of your credit card issuer immediately and contact Elite Jewelers at the following email address: info@MyEliteJewelers.com

How long will it take Elite Jewelers to process my merchandise return?

On the average, about 10 business days from the time we received your item, enter it into our system, and pass it along to our responsible department. For returned items, please allow an additional 2-3 days before the outbound package is shipped.

When should I expect to receive my return credit?

Allow 3-5 business days from the time of the confirmation e-mail for the funds to reach your account, from there, processing time may vary depending on your credit card company's funds transfer policy.

Will Elite Jewelers update me during the return process?

Yes. You'll receive an e-mail from us alerting you that your return has been received. For returned items, we'll send you an e-mail with a shipping confirmation.

Can I track the status of my return order?

Yes. You can follow up with our head office (1-703- 591-7979) or you can contact UPS Company to check the status of your delivery in real time.


Do you custom design?

We can customize almost anything. However, we proudly show such a vast selection; we know you'll find just what you're looking for right here.

Can you send my ring to one of your designers for maintenance if I didn't purchase it from Elite Jewelers?

We are happy to send it on your behalf. You are responsible for all shipping charges and repair

Does Elite Jewelers provide appraisals for jewelry purchased elsewhere?

Yes we do.

Can I buy a setting without a diamond?

Yes, contact us on this number: 1-703-591-7979

Can I buy a loose diamond or gemstone?

Yes, contact us on this number: 1-703-591-7979

If I don't see something on the website could you have it in the store?

Our online store and our physical store sometimes have different inventory. Please feel free to call us and check to see if we carry a designer, style number or any other questions pertaining to product.

If you don't have my choice on the website, can you find it for me?

Yes, gladly. We have access to the finest pieces worldwide and we can rush an order in just a few days. With designer rings and jewelry, we can special order anything.

What if I don’t know my girlfriend’s finger size before I propose?

Unless you are certain of your girlfriend’s ring size, we suggest proposing with the ring you’ve chosen just the way it is. (Most rings are sized between 6 and 7.) Bring your fiancée in after you propose and our experienced staff will measure her finger. It usually takes just a couple of days to adjust the ring. Sometimes we may need to send it to the designer. This may require a few weeks.

Can I re-size my ring after some time goes by?

Most rings can be re-sized. In order to determine the correct finger size we will need to meet in person and measure the finger. Some rings are done in- store in a few days. Others may go back to the designer in order to keep the warranty intact.

How do I get my jewelry piece insured?

Elite Jewelers will give you a professional appraisal with your purchase. This is the only document you’ll need to insure your ring. Just submit the appraisal to your homeowners or renters insurance, telling them you purchased it from Elite Jewelers Diamond Importers.

What if she doesn't like the piece I choose?

No problem. In the event that the ring needs to be changed, we will gladly do so. If the piece has already been resized we won’t be able to exchange it.

Are all of your diamonds certified?

Almost all of our larger sized diamonds are certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), EGL (European gemological laboratories) and IGI (International Gemological Institute).

Which of the 4 C'S is most important?

Cut. We only carry well cut diamonds.

Does clarity affect sparkle?

Not unless the diamond is heavily included. We do not carry poor quality which would impact the beauty of the diamond.

Are certain shapes more expensive than the others?

Yes, the round diamond is slightly more for two reasons. It is the most requested shape, so the rules of supply and demand are in effect. Also, and more importantly, there is less recovery from the original rough when producing a well-cut round diamond.

Why is a 2.00 carat diamond so much more than a 1.75 carat?

Diamonds are priced per carat and the larger the size the more rare they become. When diamonds hit certain sizes your price per carat can go up exponentially.

What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

Platinum is a naturally white, extremely durable metal that keeps its color over the years. It is the Elite Jewelers metal of choice. White gold is yellow gold mixed with alloys to give it a white or silver color. Those alloys tend to be soft and can wear away over time. A white gold ring may slowly return to its basic yellowish color, but it’s very easy to restore it to its original luster by plating it with rhodium, a white alloy. White gold rings usually require periodic upkeep at a very minimal cost. Both metals can be scratched, but it’s much easier to fix platinum than white gold. Platinum will retain its original material instead of microscopically flaking away over time like white gold will.

Are the gemstones used for the jewelry synthetic or lab created?

Absolutely not! Most of our gemstones are natural, high quality stones. Here at Elite Jewelers, we make it our priority to make sure we only use the best products for our customers.

If I want to match a piece of gemstone jewelry I already have, would you be able to provide me with the matching shade for an item I would like to purchase? Also, would I be able to request lighter/darker shades of Aquamarines/Rubies/Emeralds/Sapphires or any other gemstone?

Yes! As long as you specify within the order, preferably with an image, we would be more than happy to provide you with a gemstone that matches your own piece. Also we would be more than happy to accommodate any special request of different shades for these gemstones. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask one of our representatives.

What is platinum and palladium?

As far as white metals go, platinum is the rarest, most durable, and appears the most white. Though the initial investment is most costly, platinum requires no replating, unlike white gold. Jewelry made with platinum feels heavier than gold and its prongs hold diamonds more securely. These properties make platinum very desirable. In fact, platinum is preferred by 81% of bridal consumers.

Palladium is in the same family of metals as Platinum and shares its strengths. Being a naturally white metal, it also does not need replating. Palladium’s low density and therefore light weight (compared to platinum) is also a desirable feature to some consumers. Palladium is a front-runner in affordable luxury and we are proud to offer this option in the majority of our ring styles.

The jewelry piece seems expensive. Why?

The price is right for what we deliver. Precious metals are at an all time high. Excellent quality, which will last for years, does cost a little more.

Are your diamonds Conflict Free?

Yes, Elite Jewelers is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest ethical values. We care about our customers as well as the individuals employed in the mining industry. Elite Jewelers purchases its diamonds through respected, trusted, and legitimate suppliers.

Paying solutions

Do you offer financing?

We have great financing. You can finance anywhere from 6 months to 3 years through and we'll help you through the application process. It's pretty simple and takes less than 10 minutes. We work with a handful of companies and you can apply online or in-store. (Oftentimes you can get better results in-store, when there's an added layer of fraud protection.)

Can I pay using a combination of bankcard and financing?

Yes. First, apply for the Elite Jewelers credit card to determine your credit limit. Then call us and we'll be happy to assist you with options for combining payments.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, PayPal, wire transfers, checks, and money orders. Since it is an easy process and does not require any delays in shipments. We also offer two financing options.

How does the layaway plan work?

You can pay with layaway through flexible payment installments. You would have to pay 20% upfront as a deposit, and then up to four months to pay in full. If you purchase an engagement ring, you would have to pay for the center stone in full upfront (as the prices of diamonds may vary day to day) in order to lock down the diamond you want. Please call us to receive the layaway code. If more time is needed to pay off in full, we can work with you

Can I place an order over the phone?

Yes. Simply contact us during business hours at to place your order over the phone.

Are there locations to view merchandise?

We have showrooms in five different locations, where specific items will be on display for our customers. However, most of our business as well as our entire catalogue of jewelry are available through our website.

Are any of the white diamonds treated, enhanced, synthetic, or laser drilled (center stones)?

No, we only provide natural, high quality diamonds. They are not treated, enhanced, synthetic or laser drilled. We take the utmost care of the diamonds that we hand select for our customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why does “Design Your Own” engagement ring take longer than all other items?

All Design Your Own engagement rings take approximately 7 to 30 business days to process as they are customized items created from scratch. Customers choose a specific setting with a specific diamond to make it to your liking. If the engagement ring is needed by a specific date, we will notify the jewelers and they will do everything they can to accommodate the request.


Are discounts available?

Yes. You may stay informed on special offers and promotions by subscribing to the Elite Jewelers e-mail list.


How much do I need to pay for shipping in the U.S.?

Nothing! We offer FREE two-business days shipping for items more than $300, $50 overnight shipping!

For items under $300, shipping is a low cost of $29.

Once the package arrives to its destination, customers will be charged fees and duties that are charged by customs not by us, and therefore cannot be refunded by us. Elite Jewelers customers’ are responsible for customs’ fees and duties.

From the point of us shipping the product internationally, delivery time is out of our control and depends as all international packages go through customs.

How is my order packaged?

For standard orders, we ship using secure, non-descript packaging material. Inside, you'll see Elite Jewelers’ elegantly branded gift packaging - ideal for gifting or personal storage.

I'm giving this as a gift. What are my options as I place my order?

For that extra personal touch, we recommend personalized engraving. It's available on most of our rings and all engraving-friendly items. We also offer polishing cloths, our own professional jewelry cleaner, and complimentary gift cards (plain or customized). You may also request a gift receipt.

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Depending on the product it will take 1-14 days for your order to arrive. If the product is needed right away, we will work our magic and make it happen, please inform us upon ordering!

How long will it take to get my refund?

Usually around 5-7 business days from the day we receive and inspect your order. If you have additional questions please call us at 1-703-591-7979 or email us at: info@MyEliteJewelers.com

Can I track my order?

Yes. On the day of shipment we'll email you shipping confirmation that includes order-tracking information. You'll be kept informed of the transportation process at every step. You may also access shipping information by calling us on the number 1-703-591-7979.

Do you collect sales tax when shipping to my state? What are the duties and taxes?

For Virginia orders, we currently collect sales tax for orders of 6%. For other states no taxes will be included. For shipping through USPS, the rate of $29 will be added to your purchase depending if you want it rushed or through the regular ground shipping delivery.

I applied for financing but my purchase was not authorized. Do you know why?

For matters involving privacy and protection, we do not have access to sensitive information regarding credit applications. Within 10 days you'll receive a letter from the financing company with further information.


Do you offer a warranty on the jewelry I purchase from Elite Jewelers?

Yes. In staying true to our high standards of customer satisfaction, we offer a Lifetime Warranty to protect against manufacturer defects in craftsmanship. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear or damages incurred due to trauma, negligence, lack of regular maintenance, loss, or theft.

How do I best care and maintain my new jewelry purchase?

We offer complimentary cleaning and product check-up (recommended every six months) as a well-advised preemptive measure against the possibility of stone loss or damage that occurs when prongs are bent, pulled, caught, or broken during normal wear. We only ask that you cover the shipping and insurance to safely transport the ring to our facility. And as a gesture of gratitude for choosing Elite Jewelers, we'll cover the shipping back to you.

How can I safeguard my purchase against damage, theft, or a loss?

We recommend that you contact an independent insurer or make arrangements with your homeowners' or renters' insurance carrier.
Helpful hint: Compare rates and coverage before choosing a provider. Ask very specific questions regarding a full range of potential scenarios (E.g. "What happens if all my valuable jewelry gets lost or stolen?" or "What happens if my wedding ring or diamond goes missing?"). Knowing your valuable and treasured jewelry is safely insured will give you peace of mind – and satisfaction in knowing you're protected.

Diamonds and Jewelry

Why do nearly identical diamonds differ in price?

We're constantly sourcing diamonds to offer the finest quality at the most competitive prices. In the industry, prices are based on suppliers' buying power and market conditions at the time of sourcing. We price our diamonds based on our cost, not the current market or solely by its quality and size. And regardless of how competitively a diamond is priced at Elite Jewelers, we always pass the savings onto you.

Helpful hint: Select customers tend to quickly identify the best values of a seemingly identical diamond. So if you are interested in a diamond that appears to be of a higher value, call one of our diamond experts to review its characteristics. If the diamonds are virtually the same - yet one's value stands out from the other - they tend to sell fast. If you request additional time to decide, our diamond experts will grant you a (no-obligation) 24 or 48-hour hold on the diamond in question.

Are your ring settings available without a center stone?

Yes. Many of our ring settings are available for purchase, except those with integrated heads that secure the diamond such as Halo settings, bezel rings, three-stone rings and so many other designs. Please note: We do not size blank settings, and they can only be accepted for return within 30 days (in unaltered and in original condition). For additional information on which settings are available, contact an Elite Jewelers representative.

What is your ring resize policy?

We provide complimentary resizing for Build Your Own Rings, and Diamond Bands when within the manufacturer's recommended sizing range, we will always resize your purchased ring for free for the first time and there is no time limit to do that! Simply contact any of our locations to arrange for your free resize.

Diamond and gemstone eternity rings with a specific number of gemstones per finger size; milgrain or ornate bands, some silver rings, or rings with alternative metals such as Tungsten cannot be resized. We are happy to exchange your ring for another size within 30 days of purchase. It is important to note that should you opt for an exchange, your new ring may contain a different number of gemstones, diamonds, or a reduction or increase in precious metal weight which may cause a change in the price.